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Aroma Profile: Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Peach, Tropical Fruit


Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 10-13% 

Beta Acids: 4.5-6.0%

Total Oils 1.6-2.4 ml/100g




Ariana is yet another creation from the folks that brought us Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops, among others. It was released in 2016 to applause from brewers around the world giving aromas of peach, blackcurrant, blackberry and tropical fruit.

Ariana has a beautiful and complex aroma profile that can really transform any beer. This German hop made its way to America in late 2016 and created quite the buzz with small and big brewers alike. The taste profile that this hop provides to any beer is exceptional. 
Ariana offers very different characteristics from most other hops, but it impressively clings to a similar flavour profile too. It has a very complex aroma profile that changes with each style of brew and when it is added into the mix.

Some brewers have noted gooseberry, grapefruit, vanilla and citrus tones in their beers, while others have pointed out the expected blackberries and stone fruits.
All of this means that Ariana is an extremely versatile hop that can be used to create a beer that we have all loved tasting in the past, or indeed something vastly different.

It is said by many that Ariana is best used for dry-hopping, this is when it imparts its most intense flavour. However, with such a versatile hop, we believe that the best way of using it may not have been discovered yet. The aroma and taste profiles are so vastly different in the beers brewed with this hop that experimenting has never been more fun!
One of the most exciting parts about Ariana, is that it has a very high yield and is a tough hop too. There is always good stock of it so we can provide you with all the Ariana you need for your next big batch of brew.

Since it was announced in 2016, Ariana has been brewed into some of the best craft beers available at the moment. It is one of the ultimate hops for craft brewers big and small and is still making waves in the industry as we speak. Whether you want to create a delicious and delicate craft beer that we have all tried and loved before, or you fancy going wild and crazy, Ariana offers the best of both worlds! 



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