DE Huell Melon

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Aroma profile: Melon, Strawberry, Apricot, Sweet Berries

Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 6-8%

Beta Acids: 7-8% 

Total Oils: 0.7 – 0.9 mL/100g 


Huell Melon (or Hallertau Melon) was named as such because it delivers very soft honeydew melon, as well as berry and sweet fruit notes. It was bred alongside Mandarina Bavaria, Polaris and Hallertau Blanc at the Hüll Institute in Germany and was officially released in 2012. The breeding program this hop was a part of was headed by Anton Lutz whom has earned the nickname “der Hofenflüsterer” (aka: The Hop Whisperer).

Huell Melon and the other hops to emerge from this program have bold, exotic profiles of fruit and citrus, leaning more toward the characteristics of New World hops than the traditional German varieties.

Along with distinct notes of melon (notably honeydew), ripe strawberries and mild apricot, Huell Melon also may bring low notes of orange, vanilla, Geranium, and fruit tea.

Its bitterness is usually characterised as mild, but still noticeable.

This hop doesn't produce an overpowering aroma, so it lends itself well to the yeast characters of Hefeweizen and Belgian Ales. At the same time, with the popularity of really juicy NEIPAs it does well when paired with hops that pack a bigger punch like Citra Mosaic.

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