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Aroma Profile: Magnum has a slightly peppery aroma combined with apples.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 12-14%

Beta Acids 4.5-5.5%

Total Oils 1.9-2.3 mL/100g




Magnum was first developed by the German Hop Institute in 1980. It is a cross between an unnamed German male hop and Galena. Since its release into the greater brewing world in 1993, it has become a firm favourite of brewers around the world. Thanks to its clean bitterness, it holds the key to many IPA’s, Pilsners and American Ales, among many more. Also, thanks to Magnum’s subtle citrus notes, it leaves the drinker of any brew wanting a second taste at the complex flavour they just enjoyed. 


Magnum has quickly become one of the brewing favourites in Europe, and the American brewers love it so much they have started growing it over there too. Theirs, of course, has a few different quirks in flavour, but they are still firm favourites of the hop that came from Germany in the ’80s. It is now widely considered as one of the most suited hops to lagers and pales ales that desire a clean bitterness. As you can imagine, this hop is used in a lot of brews!


Perhaps another reason that brewers like Magnum so much is that it is a tough hop. It has an exceptional growth rate and yield, plus an excellent storage time too, all things important to any brewer. Of course, the peppery, fruity flavours that can shine through in the finished products also make it a solid choice for most brewers too, but Magnum is most widely used as a bittering base so some of these flavours can get lost in the shuffle, depending on the other additions.


This is an excellent hop to brew with if you fancy creating a recognisable lager or pale ale. Magnum creates a lovely brew with a unique aroma and taste profile. It is a widely used hop for a very good reason, it makes an excellent beer that we can all enjoy. As we said, many brewers use it as a base bittering hop, combining other hops to create a far more complex aroma and flavour profile. So, Magnum may be the perfect hop to use for your next brew if you want a stable base that you can then experiment with. 



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