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Aroma Profile: Tettnanger has a peppery, spicy, black tea aroma profile.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 3-5.8%

Beta Acids 2.8-5.3%

Total Oils 0.36-1.07 mL/100g




Tettnanger (also known as Tettnang) is a hop variety that originated in the Tettnang region of Germany on Lake Constance. Tettnanger is now, of course, grown the world over. There are now American, Swiss and Australian versions found on the market. However, many of the foreign varieties of Tettnanger are actually a hybrid version of the original German hop and Fuggle. These different varieties are, therefore, not considered to be a true Tettnanger hop. Tettnanger is still grown around the region in which it first came to be, in fact, it is still produced around the village of Tettnang in the Southwest of Germany. It is also grown in small quantities near Lake Konstanz in Switzerland. These remain some of the only regions where real Tettnanger hops are grown.


Although Tettnanger is genetically similar to Saaz and characteristically similar to Hallertau, Tettnanger is exactly noticeably more like Farnesene in content. This gives it some soft spiciness and a lovely balanced, subtle, herbal and floral aroma. This beautiful aroma makes it a wonderful hop to use for a wide variety of brews including bitter, red ale, lager, pilsner, California blonde ale, red ale and American lager among a host of other beers. 


Put simply, Tettnanger is a very versatile hop that is widely used as a dual-hop. Tettnanger often creates a valuable bedrock of stable flavours in the bittering stages that begin to shine through in the final brew. Also, due to these complex and subtle aromas, it can be used in brewing loads of different beers. Many brewers consider Tettnanger particularly well-suited to European lagers and Pilsners. However, as you can see from the beers above, some don’t agree!


We believe that Tettnanger’s refined taste profile offers an excellent base from which to explore. It is a great bittering hop, but it also has some heady aromas that can build a beer’s taste profile expertly. Let’s face it, Tettnanger has been used to create some of Germany’s most excellent pilsners and lager for many years now. So it goes without saying, if you’re trying to replicate one of these delicious beers, you have to try one of the noblest of all the noble hops, your beer just wouldn’t be the same without it!



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