Better hops through scientific research

At Brook House Hops, we’re committed to providing craft brewers with the finest raw ingredients while minimizing the effect of our farming on the landscape.

We don’t have all the answers in-house but we have a history of engaging with partners at the cutting edge of scientific research.

Right now we are looking for universities or private businesses with expertise in two areas:

– Multispectral imaging (ground based or aerial) and post-capture processing of data to analyse photochemical reflectance has several applications in hop farming. If you are looking for a progressive entrepreneurial partner for your research in NDVI, plant stress or other remote sensing in a high value crop, please get in touch.

– Biological Control Agents are emerging as an alternative to traditional plant protection products. We are particularly interested in products which can naturally fight the fungal diseases which hops are most vulnerable to. Please contact us if you have developed promising products and are looking for on-farm trials