SL Savinjski Goldings

Aroma Profile: Earthy, Floral, Lemon, Lime

Chemical Profile 

Alpha Acids 2.8%-6%
Beta Acids 2%-3%
Total Oil 0.5-1mL/100g


Also known as Styrian Golding, confusingly this hop doesn’t come from a Golding at all, it is the result of a selection of Fuggle! As you would therefore expect, it exhibits many Fuggle-like characteristics.
Savinjski Goldings have a beautiful perfumey aroma with hints of lemon, lime and earthy tones which works well in creating both continental lagers and the less malty English ales. Many English brewers use these for late and dry hopping Bitters as well.

This hop strain was a major crop in the 1930’s in Austrian state Styria, which is across the Savinja river from Slovenia (former Yugoslavia). The Yugoslavians imported Fuggles from England, probably under the name 'Fuggles Goldings' as at that time Fuggles were considered to be inferior to Goldings. Since then they have been known as Styrian or Savinjski Goldings and are mainly grown and imported from Slovenia.

After all its history, it is now world-famous hop and in high demand, its success in part attributed to its disease resistance, specifically, its resistance to mildew - it stores very well. 

From a brewer’s perspective, Styrian Golding is a lovely aroma hop and exhibits resinous, earthy flavours that can be considered slightly more refined than Fuggle. It has also been described as sometimes imparting subtle aromas of white pepper to a brew.
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