SL Styrian Bobek

Aroma Profile: Floral, Lemon, Pine, Spicy

Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 3.5%-9.3%
Beta Acids: 4%-6.6%
Total Oils: 0.7-4 mL/100g


Styrian Bobek, also know as Styrian Golding B, is a well rounded hop suitable for many types of beer. Mainly used as a late addition hop for aroma and flavour, Bobek provides a nice, robust spicy aroma and flavour to a brew.

With a pleasant floral aroma, it gives hints of lemon, spice and pine, making it ideal for a multitude of uses, though it is very often considered an aroma hop and used in the brewing of English style Ales, ESB, Lagers and the occasional Pilsner.

Bred in its native Žalec region of Slovenia alongside Blisk and Buket, Bobek was an attempt to create both high alpha and good aroma in one cultivar. Its parents are Northern Brewer and a Slovenian male.
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