SL Styrian Fox

Aroma Profile: Blackcurrant, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Honey

Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 6-12%
Beta Acids: 2.5-4%
Total Oils: 0.7-1.7ml/100g


Developed by the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing, Styrian Wolf is one of the latest Styrian hops on the market. It is a cross of a European and American variety and it matures early to mid season.

A dual purpose hop with high alpha acids, Styrian Fox has a very good fruity aroma giving notes of blackcurrant, lemongrass, marjoram and honey. Some brewers even say they get hints of pepper and mild tobacco flavours from this hop unique strain.

Used by craft brewers across the world, it can give robust flavours to a variety of different beer styles such as stouts, NEIPAs and IPAs as well as sours and wheat beers.
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