SL Styrian Goldings Celeia

Aroma Profile: Citrus, Floral, Lemon, Lime

Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 5-6%
Beta Acids: 3-4%
Total Oils: 1.31 mL/100g


Celeia is the triploid offspring of Styrian Golding, Aurora and a Slovenian wild hop. It has a wonderfully balanced profile and very good storage stability. A versatile dual hop, it has seen widespread use in Lagers, Pilsners, English-style ales and ESBs.

It is described as delicately citrus and floral on the nose, with aromas of lemon and lime, pleasantly bitter and in balance with its aroma.

This variety is well known across the world and although it is similar to Fuggle in many ways, it has its own distinctive characteristics. The perfume-like hoppy personality that is used mainly in European lagers also works well in the less malty golden-coloured beers. Strong aroma, mild bittering.

It is well known that hops were introduced into Slovenia from England and it seems that the Fuggle variety was supplied under the misnomer of 'Fuggles Goldings' – a practice at one time resorted to since Goldings were deemed to be of superior quality to Fuggles. The variety was fully adopted by Slovenia in 1930 when their other varieties were killed out by powdery mildew.
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