SL Styrian Kolibri

Aroma Profile: Blackcurrant, Elderflower, Green Tea, Tangerine

Chemical Profile

Alpha Acids: 4-6%
Beta Acids: 3.8-5.3%
Total Oils: 1.0-2.0ml/100g


Developed and released by the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing, from European and American germplasm, Styrian Kolibri is an aroma hops with attractive floral notes and great for brewing a wide variety of beer styles.

This dual purpose hop gives interesting flavours of blackcurrant, elderflower, green tea and tangerine as well as potential notes of pineapple, blueberry and freshly cut grass.

This subtle hop works well with classic European styles, especially pilsner and Kölsch, as well as English beer styles and hop-forward beers.

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