UK Endeavor


Aroma Profile -  Blackcurrant, Lemon, Spicy, Citrus

Alpha Acids: 5-9%

Beta Acids: 3.8-5.3%

Total Oils:1.1-1.7ml/100g

Endeavour is a dual purpose hop bred by a Dr Peter Darby at Wye Hops in Kent in 2002. A delightful cross between Cascade and a hedgerow hop, it offers complex, spicy notes and powerful aromas. More delicate than Cascade, it helps to create well rounded and fruity brews with aromas of lemon, citrus and blackcurrant. Endeavour is a more restrained hop than its American counterpart, Cascade, meaning it is resistant to wilt and mildew and a lot of diseases that effect English hops. Unveiled alongside a beer of the same name in 2013 by Marston’s Banks’s brewery in Wolverhampton, it was named by then Brewer Simon Yates. Endeavour was chosen in honour of Colin Dexter’s famous beer-loving detective, Inspector Morse. Believe it or not, this complex naming story goes along with the complex flavours of the hop itself: It was revealed in the final Inspector Morse novel that his first name was Endeavour. His parents were strict Quakers and his father was obsessed with Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour. Funnily enough, as it goes it was Captain Cook who first brought brewing to Australasia when he made some 'beer' to cure his crew of scurvy! All in all, Endeavour is a reasonably new hop variety which gives versatility in brewing and a vast range of available flavours for your brew: from tart orange and lemon notes to spices and black pepper.

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