UK Fuggle


Aroma Profile: Earthy, Grassy, Minty, Floral


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids: 4-7%

Beta Acids:  2.2-3.1%

Total Oils: 0.7-1.1ml/100g



Fuggles hops have been considered a classic English aroma hop for over a century, since they were released into the world in 1875, by Mr Richard Fuggle. They started as a simple seedling in Kent, but  proved so popular that they are now grown all over the world and are one of the most highly regarded hops in the brewing world.

Fuggles are also grown in Slovenia (known as Styrian Goldings) and in the USA as Oregon Fuggle. With such a history and a delicate floral aroma with grassy and minty notes, Fuggles help create full-bodied flavours in beers and the hop strain has a very bright future being well known as one of the best hops in the world.

Thanks to a beautiful and subtle aroma profile, Fuggles hops add a lot of depth to any beer and are often used with other famous UK hop variety, Goldings. These two hops have made quite a partnership over the years and have been used in some of the most popular English beer since their collaboration began.

Fuggles can be used for dry hopping and as the main copper hop, but they are also great as a bittering hop if you are trying to make a well rounded, classic beer or English bitter. It takes good care and attention to grow Fuggles hops, as they are not the easiest to grow; the strain is particularly susceptible to wilt and is produced in small volumes. Once grown though, the effort is well worth it!
Fuggles got their reputation because they have a fantastic aroma and taste profile. Fuggles can be used in such a vast array of beers and thanks to subtle aromas, they are not too overpowering. Used right, Fuggles can create an exciting beer with a lot of complex flavours flowing through it. If you combine Fuggle with pretty much any other hop out there, you can have a crowd pleasing beer on your hands.



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