UK Goldings 5kg

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Aroma Profile: Floral, honey, earthy and slightly spicy notes.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 4.9-5%

Beta Acids 1.9-3%

Total Oils 0.4-0.8 mL/100g




Goldings is the quintessential British hop. It is a fantastically delicious example of the gentle aroma that an English hop can produce. It is an excellent dual-hop, perfect for bittering and late hopping. It is also considered one of the best hops to use with Fuggle, another unique English hop. These two hops have been forming an excellent partnership for many years, and with the considerable growth of the craft beer market over recent years, this partnership is now stronger than ever. Goldings and Fuggle have created some of the most excellent English ales, bitters and pale ales for many years separately and together.


Goldings is an excellent base for any beer. If you want a very traditional taste that everyone will recognise, Goldings is a fine choice. However, combine it with Fuggle, and you are almost always onto a winner. Whether you decide to use Goldings as your bittering hops or use it later on in the brewing, that’s up to. Its flavour isn’t too overpowering, but you’ll still end up with some sweet, honey aromas and flavours shining through no matter when its added into the kettle!


That's one of the reasons that Goldings is so loved, it is a safe hop for brewing. As it doesn’t have an overpowering taste, other hops can also shine through in the finished product, but you’ll get all the delicate flavours of honey and some slightly spicy notes. It is a beautiful hop to use for a very three-dimensional craft brew. 


Many brewers have used Goldings to make some of the best beers coming out of the UK, and we urge you to give it a try. If you use Goldings correctly (and there are plenty of ways of using Goldings correctly), you will always be on to a winner. There is an excellent reason why Goldings is one of the most beloved English hops ever harvested. It makes some of the best beer brewed in England, simple really. If you want to make some of the most delicate beer in England, you have to choose Goldings for your next brew.


We grow more Goldings than any other variety at Brook House Farm. The majority of this is exported, but we have also worked closely with our brewing customers to produce the style of Goldings which most suits their beer. When picked in early September the hop gives off more fresh floral aromas – this changes to more complex deeper flavours as the hop’s harvesting window draws to a close. Do contact us if you want to work with us to get hold of hops which are a good fit for your beer.



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