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Aroma Profile: Cedar, Lemon, Herbal, Grapefruit


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids: 9-12%

Beta Acids: 3.5-4%

Total Oils: 0.8-1.8ml/100g




Pioneer is a high-intensity hop that is perfect for bittering or using as a late aroma hop. It gives a wonderfully British aroma of cedar, lemon, herbal notes and grapefruit. Despite its high levels of Cohumulone, Pilgrim makes for a lovely, mild-tempered bittering hop and is considered an excellent choice for any stage of the brewing process, making this hop a fascinating one for brewers all over the UK. 
Pioneer was bred at Wye College and released in 1996. It is high yielding, high alpha and considered a very acceptable substitute for many other hops used for kettle hopping. It is a hedgerow variety that has excellent tolerance to wilt, though is can be susceptible to mildew. It does however have great storage stability. 

Pioneer is a fantastic hop to use no matter where you use it in the brewing stages. Of course, you do have to be careful. Pioneer is quite a strong hop with powerful aromas and flavours. Depending on the other hops you use in your brew, you can overpower them with Pioneer. So if you are thinking about using Pioneer in the later stages of brewing, you may want to find a powerful hop for the bittering stage or only add a small amount of Pioneer. Adding a small amount will let the hoppiness shine through with some of the more delicate grapefruit and lemony flavours. 
You can also use Pioneer as a bittering hop. This will create a winning strong bitter or ale, but you can add subtle hops in at the later stages too. These won’t come through as strongly, but you can develop a very complex beer full of delicate little notes of spectacular flavours! Pioneer is an excellent hop for creating very complex beers or hoppy wonders of goodness that have delicate aromas. 
Pioneer is only really used in bitters and ales, but it creates an excellent beer that anyone would be proud of. Fancy a bitter or ale with flavours so complex it will always keep people coming back for more? Try Pioneer, you’ll love it!



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