UK Progress 5kg

£10 per kg

Aroma Profile: Sweet grass, floral, minty and earthy tones. 


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 6-7.5%

Beta Acids 2-2.7%

Total Oils 0.5-0.8 mL/100g




Progress is a full-bodied, well rounded dual-purpose hop. It makes an excellent bittering hop but is usually used later in the boil. Much like Pioneer, Progress isn’t too overpowering, so it is a beautiful hop to use at any stage of the brewing process.


Progress was initially introduced as a replacement for Fuggle. We know, a substitute for Fuggle sounds crazy as it is one of the most popular hops in the world. Lots of brewers still use Fuggle happily today, making it a trendy hop – however Fuggle is getting harder and harder to grow in the UK. So if you ever come here in search of Fuggle and we’re out of stock, Progress will do all the fuggling you need it to. 


Progress was created from a WGV seedling crossed with OB79. It was developed, like most English hops, at Wye College in 1951 and released to us growers in 1964. Progress is a tall plant that has a similar cone structure to Fuggle. However, the cones on Progress are more closed than Fuggle’s cones. It has good tolerance to wilting but is moderately susceptible to downy and powdery mildew. 


Progress is only grown in limited quantities in the UK – but it is being increasingly accepted as a substitute for Fuggle by breweries large and small.



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