UK Sussex 5kg

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Aroma Profile: Sussex has a very typical English aroma with grassy, earthy, minty flavour notes. 


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 4.3-5.8%

Beta Acids 2.4-3.2%

Total Oils 0.4-0.6 mL/100g




Sussex is an award-winning hop of the dwarf variety. It was discovered by Peter Cyster in Northiam, East Sussex in 2005. Sussex is a classic bittering hop that is well rounded, it is an authentic English classic in every sense of the word, very similar to Fuggle and Progress hops, but with slightly more grassy notes, making it a very interesting hop indeed. 


Interestingly, Sussex was found on the Cyster property (Gate Court) which has been owned by the family since 1919. Gate Court has been used for growing hops since at least 1900. Peter Cyster has been involved with hop growing for many years and has won awards for his hops at hop competitions. However, perhaps his best-known hop was a chance find in a hedgerow. Peter found Sussex growing in a hedgerow and thought that it showed promise. He cultivated it, and he was right in his suspicions. When oil analysis of Sussex was carried out, it was found that it wasn’t like any known variety. This means that there was likely open pollination in the wild. Since Peter found Sussex, it has been growing at Gate Court ever since, and yields are consistently good. 


Brewing trials of Sussex have lead to a delicate and interesting flavour, not unlike Fuggle. It has excellent flavour retention, and it is most suited to a light ale. Sussex came out of a hedge in 2005 and has been taking the brewing world by storm ever since. As we said, Sussex has already won awards and is likely to continue to win them for years to come. 


If you like to use hops like Fuggle in your brewing, give Sussex a try. Sussex is unique, it is unlike any other hop variety currently known, but has some very relatable characteristics. This means that this aroma hop can produce some exceptional craft beer that we would all recognise, but it may also be able to make the next up and coming star of the craft beer world!


Oh also, keep an eye on the craft beer news, you never know what else may be hiding in the Gate Court hedgerow! They may just stumble upon their next award-winning hop soon.



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