USA Amarillo


Aroma Profile: Peach, Citrus, Orange, Floral


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids: 8-11%

Beta Acids: 5.5-8%

Total Oils: 1-2.3 mL/100g



Amarillo is a sought-after hop variety currently only grown in the Pacific North-West of the USA and Germany. It has one of the highest Myrcene oil contents of any hop variety, which gives it a beautiful flavour and aroma.

There are hints of citrus with lemon, orange and grapefruit notes as well as subtle hints of peach, apricot and floral aromas. It is these aromas that make this hop so loved and many brewers want to explore these flavours and create an exceptional, complex beer with them. 

Amarillo has a fascinating history that begins with a chance discovery. Unlike most hops, Amarillo wasn’t purposefully bred from different hops to amplify specific characteristics. However, there was no involvement from the USDA with the creation of Amarillo. Amarillo is a whim of nature, and mother nature did a fantastic job.
In 1990,  a small hop bine was found growing alongside Liberty hops in a farm in Washington, in north west America. The plant looked a little different; it had some slightly yellowish cast to the bine and smaller leaves. When this bine produced cones that were smaller than Liberty hops and were bright yellow when pulled apart, the farm was intrigued.

The hops also had a strong and beautiful citrus aroma: the farm knew that nature was on to something, so they began investigating. Finally, in 2003, Amarillo was born and patented. 
Vigil Gamache Farms owns all the rights to Amarillo; meaning the hop can be tricky to get hold of. However, at Brook House Hops we have an ample supply of Amarillo, even though much of the sought-after crop is reserved by commercial breweries. 
Amarillo is an incredibly popular hop variety and there is never enough of it for all the brewers who want it. If you’d like to make a very complex and exciting beer out of this hop, you are going to need to act fast!


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