USA Azacca


Aroma Profile: Orange, Mango, Pine, Spicy


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 14-16%

Beta Acids 4-5.5%

Total Oils 1.6-2.5 mL/100g



Azacca, named for the Haitian Loa (or spirit) of agriculture, was launched in 2013 and is a dual purpose hop teaming with citrus and tropical fruit notes. You can get mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, lemon and pineapple notes, along with pine, spicy and grassy ones too.

Used for both bittering and aroma, its excellent aromatic qualities have quickly made Azacca a popular hop for late and dry hop additions in varying styles of beer. Azacca is a descendent of Northern Brewer and Summit™: a cross between Toyomidori and an unknown variety. Initially bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association, it is constantly growing in popularity with brewers across the world.

According to spiritual history, Azacca "Presides over the ancient, profound bonds between Earth and agricultural people. He is the divine country cousin and something of a trickster. He is generous, hardworking, good-natured, and protective, but if he’s not well fed or considers himself disrespected, he can be mean and vicious.” 

The hop variety has many of the same features as the spirit, being that it's complex flavour profile can be interchangeable depending on how it is used in the brewing process. It offers amazingly refreshing aromas and complicated characters and is a great choice for a brewer looking to be unique. 


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