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Aroma Profile: Azacca has some beautiful aromas of tropical fruit and citrus. There is also spice, pineapple, mango, pine and tangerine present.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 14-16%

Beta Acids 4-5.5%

Total Oils 1.6-2.5 mL/100g




If you’re in the craft beer scene in any way, then we’re sure you’ve heard of the Azacca hop variety. When it was first released in 2013, Azacca made quite an impact on the scene. A lot of the big breweries took notice of this hop, notably Founders Brewing. They also increased the interest in the hop further by creating some fantastic brews showcasing what was possible with Azacca’s incredible flavour. 


Azacca is named after the Haitian god of agriculture. It is a new brood of dwarf bittering hops. Azacca has a long parentage; it is directly descended from Toyomidori; it is also related to Northern Brewer and Summit. It was created during a collaborative hop breeding effort by Wyckoff Farms, Roy Farms and Green Acres Farms. Since its release, its popularity has grown and grown, and many brewers consider it to be one of the best of the newer hops for use in IPAs. 


Even though Azacca has a high level of alpha acids, it is still a tremendous dual-use hop. The flavours and aromas from Azacca are some of the best in the world. With tropical fruits making sweet, sweet love to citrus and spicy, mango and pineapple notes hopping around on your tongue, it makes a fantastic tasting beer! There are so many notes and flavours that many people experience different things during taste sessions. That’s why it is such a sought-after hop, the tastes are insane and beautiful, and we love them!


Although Azacca is pretty unique in its aroma range and versatility, there are a few hop varieties from New Zealand that are comparable. However, the supply of these is limited, and so Azacca is a promising substitute. 


If you treat Azacca right during the brewing process, it will deliver something extraordinary! We love Azacca, and so does the rest of the world, grab your bag of this hop before someone else begins brewing the beer of the gods!



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