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Aroma Profile: Cashmere has a smooth bitterness with herbal aromas. It also has flavours of lime, lemon and a hint of melon.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 7.7-9.1%

Beta Acids 3.3-7.1%

Total Oils 1.2-1.4 mL/100g




Cashmere was released in 2013, making it one of the newest hop varieties on the market. It was released along with Tahoma, Triple Pearl and Yakima Gold. All but Triple Pearl were developed by Washington State University’s hop breeding program. This is an exciting public program that can help breweries and home brewers craft some exciting new beers. 


Cashmere has been a crowd favourite at many different events in recent years. In fact, this new hop beat out Triple Pearl and Tahoma for crowd favourite at a tasting seminar not too long ago. It was the tropical coconut, tangerine and peach aromas as well as the similar flavours that hooked the crowds. People love this hop because it has the same taste as some of the most well-known hop varieties, but it is also completely different in some charming ways. 


Cashmere is a cross between Northern Brewer and Cascade, not too difficult to see why it has some similar characteristics to Cascade, is it? However, the alpha acid levels in Cashmere are higher than in Cascade, meaning it can hold its own against the private modern US hops. 


Cashmere is an excellent dual-purpose hop, although it does shine the best when used as a late addition. With the right timings in your brew, you can create a craft beer that has a lot of depth and intriguing notes. As Cashmere has low co-humulone levels, you can expect a lovely smooth bitterness when used as a bittering hop. However, not much, if any, of its unusual fruity flavour will make its way through to the finished product. So, in our opinion, Cashmere should be used in the later stages to get bursts of unusual fruits hitting the palette. Cashmere can be used as dual-hop, but most people consider it to be one of the most intoxicating aromas hops ever created.



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