USA Centennial


Aroma Profile: Floral, Lemon, Resinous, Citrus


Chemical Profile:

Alpha Acids: 7-12%. 

Beta Acids: 3.5-5.5% 

Total Oils: 1.5-2.3ml/100g



Centennial is a dual-purpose hop, first bred in 1974 by Washington State University and released in 1990. When they released this hop into the world, it quickly became a huge success. This was due to the hop’s excellent bittering properties and its lemon and floral notes.

Centennial almost packs the punch of newer proprietary hops but is more freely available and can be better value for money. It is a diploid hop which is a cross between USDA male and Brewer’s Gold. This cross has created a hugely popular hop that has been added to some very successful craft brews since its release.

It has the perfect chemical and aroma profiles for IPA’s and American-style pale ales, giving citrus, floral, resinous notes with a focus on lemon.
Thanks to Centennial’s pleasant aroma, it is a hop popular with experimenters across the globe. Centennial is often lovingly referred to as super Cascade due to its similar citric flavours, but even Cascade can’t shine a light on Centennial in many brewer’s eyes. Centennial is a hugely celebrated hop and certainly packs a lot of style and flavour into any beer that uses it. 
If you are wanting some beautiful lemony and floral tones in your next brew, Centennial is your perfect choice. Its bittering properties will provide the ideal base for your next bitter, and the flavours will leave every drinker of your next brew wanting more.

It’s no wonder that Centennial has been used by some of the best experimenters in the craft brew industry since its release. It is an excellent hop that can create some of the most palette-pleasing pales in the world! Give it a try and let us know what you think! 


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