USA Chinook 5kg

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Aroma Profile: Chinook has a lovely aroma of spices and pine


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 12-14%

Beta Acids 3-4%

Total Oils 1.5-2.7 mL/100g




Chinook is well known the world over as being one of the best American craft brewing hop varieties. It was created by crossing a Petham Golding with a variety mysteriously known as USDA 63102M. The male plant, the one with the fancy name, was created by crossing a wild plant from Utah and Brewer’s Gold. So, Chinook has a crazy family tree, but this craziness has created a fantastic hop variety that is loved the world over. 


Chinook was bred in 1974 and following some testing, it was finally released to the brewing world in 1985. Chinook found support from craft brewers as well as mainstream breweries too. Mainstream breweries like Coors were only really interested in Chinook as a bittering hop. However, the craft brewers loved it for this and a whole lot more! Its flavours and aroma made a captivating impression on those in the craft brewing world. 


Chinook has been one of the top five hops used in America since 2007. In fact, it was probably this popular earlier than that, but the ABA (American Brewer’s Association) only started releasing their Hop Usage Reports in 2007. 


Chinook is an excellent dual-hop. It is known and loved around the world for its bittering properties, but there is so much more to Chinook than just bittering. It can be used as an excellent aroma hop too. Basically, Chinook has a characteristic that is perfect for any beer that you want to try and brew. Chinook has been used to brew many different styles of beer over the years, including American lagers, IPAs, American pale ales, American Amber, American stout and loads more. 


So whatever type of beer you want to brew, Chinook has a place in it. Whether that is as a bittering hop to take advantage of its smokey bitterness, or as late-stage addition to use its subtle hint of grapefruit and slightly spicy tones. Honestly, you can use Chinook to create just about any beer, as long as you use it correctly. If you use too much of this hop, the bitterness can become very harsh, so there is a finesse required for any Chinook brew. 


However you use Chinook in your next brewing recipe, do so carefully and proudly, knowing that you are crafting a beer that will, most likely, be beloved by everyone that tastes it.



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