USA Ekuanot


Aroma Profile: Green Pepper, Lime, Papaya, Berry


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids: 13-16%

Beta Acids 4-5%

Total Oils 2.5-4.0 mL/100g




Ekuanot, pronounced Ee-kwá-not, was Equinox not too long ago, and before that it was known only by its brand number 'HBC 366'.

It was originally bred at the Hop Breeding Company in 2001. A cross was made in  between the patented variety Warrior and a non-patented wild male found on a commercial plot. The goal was to try and coax a higher yield, but keep Warrior’s high alpha-acid content, and gain some of the better traits from the wild father. In 2003, one plant was selected for expansion and after a total of 13 years it was finally released in 2014.

Due to a trademark dispute, this fantastic hop strain with aromas of lime, green pepper, papaya and berry took a while to become Ekuanot but the great thing is that it did not disappear.

Used mainly for it's strong aroma characteristics, Ekuanot has a vigorous growth rate and matures moderately late in the season. It packs a lot of citrus punch and sometimes background notes of apple, sage and even eucalyptus can be found.

Ekuanot is a hop variety with tremendous brewing potential. Because of the vast array and complexity of aromas it can provide, it is most often used late in the boil or when dry-hopping. However, it has plenty of alpha-acid punch to take on the bittering side of brewing too and has been used successfully in many single-hop beers.



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