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Aroma Profile: Experimental hop #07270 has an aroma profile of tropical and citrus fruits with some mango notes. It is quite a sweet aroma with some subtle hints of pine too. 


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 15-18.5%

Beta Acids 4-5.2%

Total Oils 3-4.4 mL/100g




Experimental hop #07270 is a slightly quirky hop. There isn’t really too much information about 07270, and it seems to be quite a mysterious hop variety. What we do know is that it is an excellent dual-purpose hop that has quite the old school flavour. It is undoubtedly an interesting hop and one that has been on many home brewer’s and craft breweries radars for a while. 


There is something off-putting about EXP 07270 at first though. In its raw form, the hops smell very much of onion and garlic. There are some notes of black pepper which seem promising, but the other smells of this hop in its raw form are simply pretty worrying. However, when brewed correctly, you can achieve some beautiful results with EXP07270, but you must take care during the brewing. If you add this hop in too late, the nasty aromas above can be present in the finished beer.


However, if you add EXP07270 into the mix at just the right time, you can expect to enjoy some fantastic tangerine, apricot, peach and mango flavours. This, of course, makes it very interesting to the craft brewing community. However, many homebrewers have found this hop to be challenging to work with. Don’t get us wrong, it is a fantastically exciting hop with some of the most beautiful aromas and flavours, but if used wrong, it can really ruin a brew. 


EXP07270 can certainly hold its own in a single-hop brew, but it does also make a great addition to an IPA or pale ale. In particular, a West Coast style as this hop has a strong dank and resin character. This is a very pungent hop so there are probably other styles that it won’t do so well in. But it is a wonderful hop if you are seeking a slightly old school taste and aroma from your next batch of brew. 


For most, EXP07270 is not a feature hop, but we think it makes an excellent accompaniment to many other hops that we stock. If you fancy testing your brewing skills and want to try to add some old school tastes into your next brew, give EXP07270 a try.



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