USA Idaho 7 T90 2018

£36.73 per kg
Aroma Profile: Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Pine, Floral

Chemical Profile 

Alpha Acids: 9-12%

Beta Acids: 4-5%

Total Oils: 1.0-1.6ml/100g


Originally selected from some experimental hop varieties
being grown at Jackson Hop Farm, Wilder, Idaho, this hop variety was named out of pride for its home state and commercially released in 2015.

Idaho 7 hops are known for their pine, tropical, fruity and floral flavours and aromas, most notably mango and pink grapefruit. Typically used as an aroma or flavour hop with high alpha acid levels and average Cohumulone content, Idaho 7 has a strong hop character making it also ideal for IPAs, APAs and any other hop forward beer.

Predominantly an aroma hop, Idaho 7 is often used in a single hop brew or for blending as a late addition. The high oil content and soft pelletising process also make Idaho 7 ideal for dry hopping. It does however have enough alpha acids to contribute good bitterness to a brew as well.
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