USA Magnum 5kg

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Aroma Profile: Magnum has a lovely hoppy, floral aroma with hints of spice and lemon.


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids 10-14%

Beta Acids 4.5-7%

Total Oils 1.9-3 mL/100g




The original Magnum hops were grown in German and released in 1980. They hail from the notable German Hop Institute in Hull. Interestingly, the original German hop is the daughter of a German and American hop variety. The American Magnum is genetically indistinguishable from the original, but some subtle differences due to terroir do exist. However, even though there are very subtle differences, the two hops are considered to be completely interchangeable. 


Magnum has some exciting flavours and aromas. It has some subtle spicy aromas which are primarily nutmeg and black pepper; there is also some delicate hints of citrus. Generally, the smell of Magnum isn’t too distinct in the beers that it is used in as it is most often used as a bittering hop. This means that the flavours are mostly lost during the brewing process. However, very keen noses can detect Magnum.


Magnum is considered to be an excellent hop for use in strong ales like Imperial beers and IPAs. However, it also works nicely in pilsner and lagers too. Magnum works best when it is complemented by a hop like Fuggle, for example. It has a reputation as a clean and robust bittering agent in just about any beer. Also, thanks to its very smooth bitterness, you can almost use as much as you like. 


This makes Magnum one of the best hops for beginners to practise with. As Magnum is nice and easy to use, you can use Magnum and learn a lot about the brewing process and refine your techniques. Of course, this also makes Magnum a great experimenting hop variety too. When you need a stable base for your next craft brew experiment, think about using Magnum. It has a very smooth bitterness and not too much aroma that comes into the finished product so you can use it as a base to build a beer from. 


We think this is why Magnum is so popular. It creates an excellent base for a brew that isn’t overpowering aroma additions. This means that you can buy a beautiful aroma hop variety and let that shine through entirely. Give Magnum a try in your next brew and see how easy it is to get some lovely results from it. 



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