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Aroma Profile: Berry, Mango, Stone Fruit, Tropical Fruit


Chemical Profile


Alpha Acids: 10-14%

Beta Acids: 3-4.5%

Total Oils: 0.8-1.5ml/100g




Mosaic is a wonderful hop variety that has one of the most complex aromas of all the hops. Offering tropical fruit, stone fruit, mango and berry aromas, it gives a variety of flavours to a beer when used at various stages of the process.

Magnum covers all three cornerstones of hop usage well and many breweries have exploited this and used it to create some iconic single-hop beers. Due to the fruitiness of Mosaic, it plays very nicely with other fruity hops too. Mosaic was named after the distinctive pattern of the petals on its cones – the name could equally well apply to the flavours which it imparts.
Citra is currently a firm favourite for use in a brew with Mosaic; many breweries are using this combination to create some fantastic beers. They work so well together because of their complementary aroma profiles. 
If you want to get the full complexities out of this hop, don’t overlook using it for dry hopping too. Mosaic has a very complex profile making it a wonderful hop to work with. You may be able to use two hops in place of Mosaic, but currently, there is no other hop on the market with Mosaic’s range of flavours and aromas making it a very popular hop indeed. 
We have a healthy supply of Mosaic, but demand can be changeable throughout the year so please contact us if you would like to lock down a contract for future supply.

The ever-increasing batches of beer that use Mosaic prove that it is incredibly popular with craft breweries, so if you fancy giving it a try in your brew, act fast. 

Mosaic is a genuinely versatile hop that can be used to create stunning IPAs and pale ales that have so much depth to their aromas and flavours. If you’ve never tried a single-hopped Mosaic brew, then we urge you to. If you have, then you’re probably already at the checkout getting excited about your delivery of this one-of-a-kind hop. 



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